Rachel Galvao

Rachel Galvao is a Global Affairs major, concentrating on international development and global health. Having grown up in Brazil, she is especially interested in health and socioeconomic inequality in Latin America. After spending a summer working on a maternal and child health research project in rural Honduras, she developed a particular interest in women's health and improving access to reproductive healthcare. On campus, Rachel enjoys being a Community Health Educator at New Haven Public Schools, volunteering in Patient Services at the HAVEN Free Clinic, and being Worldview Editor for the Yale Journal of Public Health. She is also excited to serve as the Secretary of Ezra Stiles College Council in 2015. In the future, she hopes to pursue a career that combines her interests in international development, women's empowerment, and reproductive health.

  • Childbirth and Delivery Decision-making in Pelotas-RS, Brazil


    In Brazil, cesarean sections comprise 81% of deliveries among women with private insurance, even though unnecessary C-sections carry risks of morbidity and mortality for mother and child. In July 2015, the Brazilian government enacted Resolução Normativa nº 368 in an attempt to lower the rate of unnecessary C-sections. Through interviews with nine obstetricians and twenty women who recently gave birth, this study aims to develop a description of the delivery decision-making experiences of Brazilian women who gave birth after the regulation went into effect, as well as doctors’ roles in the decision-making process.

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