Cape Town's Sanitation Problem

Cape Town
South Africa

With the generous support of the Global Health Studies program, Amelia spent the summer of 2013 in Cape Town, South Africa working in an internship that combined her interest in global health, social justice, and writing.  For eight weeks, Amelia worked for GroundUp, a community journalism project and recent startup that publishes articles online, weekly (  Because GroundUp focuses on stories from the townships—topics that are not getting attention in mainstream media—a great majority of its weekly content pertains to the health problems facing the marginalized and largely impoverished populations living in these poorly designed communities of the Apartheid era.

All of GroundUp’s paid writers are originally from the communities about which they now write. Each year, GroundUp trains close to twenty hopefuls from the townships in journalistic writing, and then hires the best three or four. While working at GroundUp, Amelia helped with that selection process, mentored new writers, and evaluated their news pieces. Additionally, Amelia edited, wrote, photographed, and attended events in the field. The majority of her articles pertained to the sanitation problems in the townships, which put many people at risk of danger and disease.