Affecting Health Behavior through Radio and Televison- Population Media Center, Inc.

Burlington, VT
United States of America

I interned in the Communications Department of the Population Media Center based in Burlington, VT. Population Media Center is an international NGO that uses entertainment-education to address population and reproductive health issues. My work in the Communications department varied from working on proposals to larger non-profit organizations for funding of certain programs to contributing to the annual report that PMC sends to its donors each year. Additionally, with the world population approaching the 7 Billion mark in October, I spent a large part of my time working on a potential campaign called “7 Billion; It's Time to Talk.” With the goal of encouraging dialogue about the growing population, especially with young professionals and college students, I worked to understand the nuances of bringing a this issue to the forefront of young people’s minds, which are often preoccupied with so many other challenges.

My summer at PMC was beyond wonderful.  I hope that in the future work I do, I will be able to keep in touch with PMC and especially channel the creativity they bring to their work. To me, this summer emphasized to me that global health is not only about the medical interventions and prevalence of disease; it also includes education and the behavior change that can come from increasing dialogue around controversial issues, especially through unconventional channels such as soap operas.