Ted Lee

Ted Lee (SY ’12) grew up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and majored in Political Science and Economics. While in high school, he developed an interest in the politics of inequality as an intern for the John Edwards presidential campaign. As an undergraduate, Ted edits for the Yale Herald, represents Saybrook on the Yale College Council, and competes with the Yale Ballroom Dance Team. A recipient of the Richard U. Light Fellowship, he spent this past summer in Seoul, South Korea, where he took Korean language classes at Sogang University. While studying in Korea, Ted worked for a corporate law firm and for a government think tank focused on international economic policy. He retains academic interests in public health, developing countries, and bioethics; after graduation he plans to pursue a career in public health policy and law.

  • Evaluation of Devolving Control to Providers in Costa Rica's Health Care System

    San Jose
    Costa Rica
    Faculty advisor (name): 
    Doug McKee

    I traveled to Costa Rica over the summer. While there, I acquired data from the Costa Rican government. This data consisted of thousands of files containing information about the performance of individual clinics and hospitals as well as their negotiations and contracts with the government. This is an extremely rich source of data that could potentially become the basis of a number of academic papers. Because of the way the files are formatted and stored, it would have been impossible to obtain them without traveling to San José and speaking to government officials in the health care sector.

    This program also allowed me the opportunity to interview people involved in the study and practice of the development of human capital. I interviewed a number of major players in the Costa Rican government, including the Minister of Public Education, Department Heads in the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (the provider of most health services and insurance in the country), and academics at both the Universidad de Costa Rica and UPeace, the UN charter-established university in the world.The support I received from the Global Health Fellows program will help me complete my senior thesis and provided me an invaluable experience conducting ethnographic research.

Economics and Political Science