Shalila de Bourmont

Shalila de Bourmont is an Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major. She is interested in studying the rural to urban transition and its effects on health, both in terms of communicable and non- communicable diseases. Having lived in Colombia for seven years, Shalila’s interest in global health first began when she noticed the dramatic increase in quality of life in Medellin, Colombia as it went from being one of the most violent cities in the world to one of the most innovative due to concerted efforts from public health and government officials. At Yale, Shalila leads Freshmen on hiking trips throughout the Northeast as a FOOT leader. She is also a founding member of TeamU, a running club dedicated to improving global health through fundraising, and a member of Ramona, the Yale ultimate frisbee club. She is currently working at the Jetz lab on the Map of Life project, which aims to map species distributions throughout the world on an interactive website platform. 

Jonathan Edwards
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology