Sarah Landau

Sarah Landau (SM ’17) is a History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health major from White Plains, NY. Within the global health field, she will likely concentrate on maternal and child health with a focus on developing countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. This interest was sparked this past summer when she traveled to El Salvador and Haiti. In El Salvador she visited rural clinics and learned about their HPV screening and cervical cancer prevention programs. In Haiti she participated in a public health research and clinical shadowing program, which opened her eyes to the gravity of health challenges facing impoverished countries. On campus, Sarah teaches health in New Haven schools, plays club soccer, serves as the Communications Chair of the Hillel Board and member of the Camp Kesem Public Relations Team, and volunteers with local veterans. 

  • Healthcare Access and Utilization Survey Among Urban African Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Tel Aviv

    Tel Aviv

    Refugees and asylum seekers in Israel are denied social benefits, resulting in restricted access to health services. This cross-sectional quantitative study assesses trends in health service utilization and identifies barriers to successful access and usage of healthcare among Sudanese and Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers residing in Tel Aviv. The findings of this study will inform policy to facilitate productive allocation of the limited funds available to improve healthcare delivery to refugees and asylum seekers in Israel. Moreover, these findings can be generalized to improve healthcare delivery for the growing number of East African refugees in urban centers across Europe.

History of Science, History of Medicine and Public Health