Sara Locke

Sara Locke (Br ’17) is a History of Science major. Her course of study is focused on how societies can reduce the incidence of preventable disease. She is passionate about making a difference by increasing the reach of medical science to all populations. Having volunteered at a hospital in England and a leprosy centre in India, Sara has witnessed the varied challenges in healthcare delivery. While at Yale, Sara volunteers as a Community Health Educator, part of a team that conducts health education workshops in New Haven public schools. She is a qualified NOLS educator with a Wilderness First Responder certification. Sara loves nature and being out in the elements. She enjoys rowing and running, and is an active member of the Yale Women’s Crew.

  • Consider the Accredited Social Health Activists


    The aim of the Khushi Baby project is to decentralize patients’ medical records with the help of wearable technology. Khushi Baby has developed a culturally relevant necklace that can be given to babies, which uses near-field communications, and allows community health workers to track the child’s immunization and health records. During my internship with Khushi Baby, we finalized the design of our second randomized controlled trial. I had the opportunity to develop and implement a study, focusing on the role of the Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs), who serve as primary care givers in the rural areas of Udaipur.

History of Science