Sagar Raju

Sagar Raju (ES ’14) is a senior Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry major from Bridgewater, New Jersey. His interest in global health developed from the year he spent working in India after high school. Sagar worked with Karuna Trust, an NGO based in Karnataka that runs primary health centers (PHCs) across rural India. As part of this organization, Sagar developed and implemented an emergency medicine program that taught the PHC staff how to properly triage, diagnose, and treat emergency patients that arrive at their centers. At Yale, Sagar conducts HIV research in a microbial pathogenesis lab. Sagar also works for the Elmseed Enterprise Fund, a non-profit microfinance institution that gives small loans to entrepreneurs in the New Haven community. He is also a captain of Yale’s men’s ultimate Frisbee team, Superfly. Over the past summer, Sagar worked with Global Health Strategies, a global health consulting company that focuses on advocacy and communications.  

  • Intern, Global Health Strategies

    New York, New York
    United States of America

    Global Health Strategies (GHS) is a consulting company that works in partnership with various donor foundations and key stakeholders in the global health field on advocacy and communications issues. While at GHS, Sagar worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from the rollout of the largest study of diarrheal diseases in history to the launch of a new HIV point of care diagnostic system. The majority of Sagar’s time was spent studying the foreign aid landscape – the key players and channels through which aid is distributed, who it goes to and how those decisions are made. Sagar’s research highlighted the ongoing shift in foreign aid directly into the hands of in-country organizations, specifically those in the Global South. 

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