Rebecca Schapiro

Rebecca Schapiro (DC ’19) is a History of Science, Medicine and Public health major from Atlanta, GA. She is particularly interested in women’s health and how access to health care for women can be expanded. This interest began while visiting maternity hospitals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and discussing the often-prohibitive cost of life saving procedures with nurses there. She is passionate about increasing accessibility to reproductive health services to underserved communities. On campus, Becca works in an integrative environmental physiology lab that focuses on women’s health that is starting a study to determine the risk factors for preeclampsia. Some of her activities include teaching health classes at New Haven public schools with Community Health Educators, chairing the Advocacy Committee of the Yale Hunger and Homelessness Action project, and being the tournament director for one of her favorite groups on campus, the Yale Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Team.

History of Science, Medicine and Public Health