Justin Abbasi

Justin Abbasi (MC '18) is currently studying Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and hopes to pursue a career in epidemiology and child health. He's primarily interested by how stigma can impact the incidence of communicable diseases and ways by which orphaned and otherwise unsupported youth can be fostered into resilient, empowered adults. Justin discovered his interest in the former and furthered his interest in the latter during the summer of 2015, when he created a documentary about HIV stigma in Swaziland with a class through Yale Summer Session and worked as an Aim Higher Fellow in Washington, D.C. to make information about postsecondary education more available to youth in foster care. At Yale, Justin enjoys competing with the Yale Mock Trial Association, leading incoming freshmen on hiking trips as a FOOT leader, and has conducted neurobiology research with the Yale School of Medicine. You can usually find him making food late at night in his dorm's buttery, sprinting across campus in a suit, or taking pictures of random objects as if he knows more about photography than he'll willingly admit.

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology