Jaclyn Schess

Jaclyn Schess (CC '18) is an Economics major from Syosset, New York. As a Global Health Fellow, Jaclyn intends to specifically study mental health and best practices for treating mental illness in community settings. She hopes to use a background in economics to inform mental health policy decisions, particularly helping to emphasize the economic detriments of untreated mental illness. At Yale, Jaclyn is involved with Mind Matters, an organization devoted to mental health advocacy and awareness on campus. She also has served as Director of Delegations for Yale Model Congress and as a teacher for Hemispheres, a program through the International Relations Association which teaches international affairs to high school students.

  • Policy Recommendations for Mental Health Career Support Services


    At Queensland Center for Mental Health Research my main project included a review of the services provided by Australian states/territories to support informal careers of people with mental illness in their caring role. This included gaining an understanding of the government expenditure on these services. Following this, I will be leading a paper profiling these services, discussing them in a framework of the evidence base for mental health career support services, and making recommendations for scale up.