Hannah Rees

Hannah Rees (Br ’18) is a Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Major. She is interested in exploring cancer in the developing world— specifically the stigma surrounding the disease, barriers to treatment, and the implementation of preventative care. She became interested in studying the burden of disease in Latin America last summer after working in a health clinic in a rural region of Cusco, Peru. This experience led Hannah to become interested in the intersection between infectious disease and cancer, as it greatly affects the prevalence of cervical cancer in Peru. On campus Hannah is a Community Health Educator, teaching health workshops in New Haven public schools, as well as a member of Student Partnerships for Global Health, an organization that sends interdisciplinary student research teams to South America each year. Hannah is also the Fundraising Coordinator for Yale’s branch of Partners in Health Engage, which supports Partners in Health’s mission to increase access to equitable health care and create sustainable health systems around the world.

  • Internship with the Oncology Program at Partners In Health

    United States of America

    Working with Partners In Health (PIH) as an intern with the Oncology Team, I processed all pathology samples from PIH’s cancer programs in Haiti and Rwanda. I collected data on the specimens, built out the capacity of the pathology tracker, and conducted sample turnaround time analyses. I contributed to the literature review for a study investigating the turnaround time for pathology samples from Haiti. The paper aims to describe the phased-approach to the development of the pathology program at the hospital in Mirebalais by PIH.

    This research has potential to aid in the development of similar pathology programs in low-resource settings.

Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology