Mehitabel Markwei

Mehitabel Markwei (BK ’15) is a pre-medical student from Accra, Ghana – West Africa. She is currently a Medical Anthropology major. Having grown up in Ghana, worked in hospitals and witnessed first-hand the incredible efforts of doctors to function despite shortcomings of medical systems back home, she is deeply passionate about the development of Ghana’s medical system, specialized and emergency care and the growing burden of non-communicable diseases. Her general interests extend beyond Ghana to African development in general, with a heightened focus on health policy. Here at Yale, she has served as development coordinator for the Yale African Association for Peace & Development (YAAPD), the secretary of the Yale African Students’ Association (YASA), Medical Supplies coordinator for UAID missions trips, and a medical interpreter for the Yale Alumni Service Corps (YASC) in Ghana. She envisions a time when news reports of people dying from treatable illnesses will be a thing of the past, and medical facilities will be accessible to people in the remotest parts of several African countries, and not just in the cities or townships. Her hobbies include writing on her blog, reading African literature, participating in community service & causes, and organizing events.