Farah Al Hadid

Farah Al Hadid (JE'18) is a Political Science major. Her course of study is focused on the economic and social development of countries around the world. As an international student from Jordan, Farah is passionate about making a difference in her country's development and especially with the strain put on it by regional events. She has witnessed how the refugee crisis has affected her home and wants to focus on ameliorating the suffering of refugees by focusing on preventing diseases and increasing the hygiene in camps. While at Yale, Farah is a teacher for YIRA's outreach program, Hemispheres, which brings New Haven high school students to Yale to learn about global affairs and current events every week. She is also the Events' co-director on the board of the Yale Leadership Institute YLI, where she organizes events and two conferences. Farah loves reading and exploring New Haven in her free time.

Jonathan Edwards
Political Science