Emtithal Mahmoud

Born in Sudan and raised in Philadelphia, Emtithal Mahmoud is significantly interested in the effect of continued structural disparities on maternal and child health. Her focuses on reproductive endocrinology and developmental biology have led her to conduct research in genetics and fertility at Yale. In August 2013, as a summer volunteer in Saudi Birthing Hospital and Abshok Refugee Camp Clinic in Darfur, Sudan, she encountered the effects of social, economic, and political disparities on the health systems of the region. Her ultimate goal is to consolidate knowledge developmental and molecular mechanisms with knowledge of the social constructs that influence our societies in order to better understand the nature of life, its mechanisms, and its preservation over time. Her activities on campus include teaching Arabic to school children in the Salma A. Farid Academy, assisting an Iraqi family through the Yale Refugee Project, partnering as artistic director of Oye spoken word group, and competing on the Yale slam poetry team.

Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Biology and Anthropology