Darby Herkert

Darby Herkert (BR, ’18) is currently undecided on her major, but plans on pursuing a medical career. Darby first became interested in global health through spending a summer in San Pedro, Paraguay working on a community-based initiative, and later spending a summer living in León, Nicaragua conducting a mixed-methods investigation of maternal and child health. She is very interested in the intersection between education and health. On campus Darby is co-director of Student Partnerships for Global Health, through which she works with interdisciplinary teams of graduate and undergraduate students to carry out research and education initiatives Latin America. She is also a group head for Community Health Educators, through which she helps provide comprehensive health education to New Haven Public Schools. Darby loves adventure, travel, and spending time with her family and friends.

  • Cost Barriers to the Use of Insulin in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus within the Yale New Haven Hospital System

    New Haven, CT
    United States of America

    I spent this summer performing a research project investigating the cost barriers to use of insulin in patients with Diabetes in the Yale New Haven Hospital system. The aims of this project were to examine the proportion of patients with diabetes who report using less insulin than prescribed due to cost in the YNHH system, to document total insulin out of pocket costs among patients with diabetes and the proportion of these costs to their income, and to identify factors associated with taking less insulin tan prescribed due to cost barriers.

Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology