Claudia Martinez

Claudia Martinez (CC '13) is currently a premed junior, majoring in Comparative Literature. Claudia was born in Havana, Cuba and was raised in Dallas, Texas. A visit to a provincial hospital during a brief return to Cuba in 2008 solidified an interest in healthcare that she would later develop during her undergraduate career. The summer after her freshman year at Yale, Claudia participated in a summer medical program at Duke University Hospital, where exposure to the Pediatric Emergency Room and Intensive Care Unit sparked her interest in pediatric healthcare. She consequently went on to work in an autism laboratory at the Yale Child Study Center before joining the Academic Associates Program, where she obtained dual clinical and research experience in the field of ophthalmology through the Yale Eye Center. Interested in bridging language and cultural gaps that may impede patient-physician relations, Claudia worked as a Spanish-English translator at the Haven Free Clinic last summer. She hopes to link her passion of language and literature with her global health interests by becoming a pediatrician and eventually authoring books that portray the experiences and capture the narratives of patients in developing countries.

Comparative Literature