Claire Chang

Claire Chang (PC’ 18) grew up in Pleasantville, NY and is an Environmental Studies major. Through her course of study, she hopes to explore the many ways in which environmental problems, such as climate change and pollution, influence human health. She is particularly interested in the relationship between agricultural systems and community health. Last summer, she studied how smallholder farmers adapt to rainfall change in northern Ethiopia. On campus, Claire is involved in the Yale Sustainable Food Program, the Yale Global Health Review, and the Public Health Coalition. She also leads freshmen on hiking trips and is a certified EMT.

  • Patient and Provider Perceptions of Diabetes Risk and Barriers to Prevention at the Fair Haven Community Health Center

    New Haven, CT
    United States of America

    This past summer, my research teammates, Rachel Strodel, Sonia Khurana, and I, conducted a research project at Fair Haven Community Health Center in New Haven, Connecticut. Through both surveys and semi-structured interviews, address the following questions: 1) How do women of reproductive age and their healthcare providers perceive risk factors for the development of type II diabetes mellitus, and how do providers approach informing their patients of these risks for diabetes development? 2) What barriers to the prevention of diabetes do patients and their providers perceive, and how do these perceptions differ between patients and their providers?

Environmental Studies