Chloe Yee

Chloe Yee (DC ’18) is a History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health major from Berkeley, CA. She is interested in studying the impact of gender and sexuality on the health outcomes of women in lower-middle income countries who are at high-risk for sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy. After working in a clinic in Darien, Panama with Yale Global Medical Brigades, she became especially attune to the need for universal access to quality female reproductive health services. She has conducted clinical research funded by the Gates Foundation on birth control efficacy studies with the California Family Health Council, and now works with the Global Health Leadership Institute researching health outcomes of complex, high-cost patients on Medicare in U.S. hospital systems. She teaches sexual and health literacy workshops in New Haven as a Single Classroom Educator with Community Health Educators, works as an EMT through Yale EMS, and teaches classes through the Emergency Care and Safety Institute. Currently, she serves as the student representative on the Yale New-Haven Hospital Auxiliary Committee as a member of both the Board of Health Education and the Committee on Cultural Arts where she helped initiate the program “Healing in the Arts,” featuring art from local artists in the corridors of the Yale New-Haven Hospital to not only bring awareness but foster a therapeutic environment that encourages healing. Her own artwork on women’s reproductive rights issues including abortion and female genital mutilation has been featured publicly in galleries in the San Francisco Bay Area. She hopes to one day become an obstetrician-gynecologist.

History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health