Cecilia Crews

Cecilia Crews (ES ’19) is a Political Science major from New Haven, CT with a planned interdisciplinary concentration in health policy. She hopes to research access to maternal, child, and reproductive health in sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East. Her interest in Global Health began with a trip in high school to Nya Mata, Rwanda to study its healthcare system and volunteer at local hospitals. The next summer, she worked independently with a doctor in Haiti, studying the treatment of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis in Port au Prince and the surrounding rural communities. On campus, Cecilia is the Operations Director of No Closed Doors, an organization that assists New Haven residents with housing and resume writing. She also is a member of RALY, a reproductive justice group, and Yale Democrats, with which she helps design legislation for reproductive rights and equal pay. Cecilia loves reading, traveling, and writing poetry.

Ezra Stiles
Political Science