Azan Virji

Azan Virji (MC ‘17) is a Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology major from ‘Rock City’- Mwanza, Tanzania (feel free to ask him why it is called that). Azan is interested in learning more about health systems and how to improve their overall efficiency while maintaining better patient health outcomes.  His activities on campus include serving on the board of Yale Partners in Health, working with the Leadership Institute to foster an environment of empowerment at Yale and representing his fellow Morsels on the Yale College Council.  At the same time, Azan sings for the Yale Russian Chorus and works in a lab on neglected tropical diseases (specifically Dengue Fever). Over the summer, Azan worked at a healthcare facility in rural Tanzania that placed emphasis on public health interventions and addressing the social determinants of health. 


  • Global Leadership and Training

    United States of America

    Partners In Health (PIH) is an NGO that provides quality care in the most underserved communities globally. At PIH, I was tasked with developing training materials on the topic of negotiation. How does one negotiate the details of an intervention with the Ministry of Health or with other NGOs such as USAID?

    This was one of the questions I tried to address while working at PIH over the summer. Additionally, I worked on analyzing the new sustainable development goals and the best ways that PIH can instruct country leaders to implement them. Finally, while working at PIH, I had the privilege of meeting some incredible leaders in the field of global health such as Jim Kim, the President of the World Bank, and listen to him talk about how the World Bank plans to change its outlook on economic growth.

Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology