Ann Sarnak

Ann Sarnak (CC ’17) is a Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health double major, studying health and human rights. She is interested in the evolution of health and justice systems in parallel, as well as the integration of infectious and chronic disease care. She spent the summer after her freshman year interning for Generation Ubuntu, an NGO that provides holistic care for children living with HIV, and helping to conduct a program evaluation for a TB home-based care program in South Africa. On campus, Ann is involved with Student Partnerships for Global Health, interns at the Global Health Leadership Institute, volunteers with the Yale Refugee Project, and works in a neuroimmunology lab at the School of Medicine.

  • Internship on Housing Justice

    Cape Town
    South Africa

    This summer, I had a research internship with Ndifuna Ukwazi (NU), a non-profit organization that promotes urban land justice in Cape Town, South Africa. I helped my team with political campaigns, research on urban policy and law in the city, a1nd popular education on land justice in South Africa.

Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology