Amber Tang

Amber Tang (SY ’18) is a Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry major from Lake Oswego, Oregon. She is interested in studying medicine and health systems in low and middle income countries. In particular, Amber is interested in how improvements in health systems can address high burdens of communicable disease. Her interest in global health emerged after shadowing hospitals in China and volunteering at a medical brigade in Panama. Amber spent the past year working for the CoSTARR Program at the Yale-New Haven Hospital, which aims to lower 30-day readmission rates for high-risk patients. Over the summer, she did research at the School of Medicine on temporal lobe epilepsy. Now, Amber serves as co-Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Global Health Review and is doing research on neglected tropical diseases at the School of Public Health.

  • Prevalence and risk factors of overweight and obesity among kindergarten children in Changsha, China


    I spent the summer in Changsha, China researching overweight and obesity in urban kindergartens.

    Due to rapid socioeconomic transitions, China has been facing rising levels of obesity in recent years. My goal was to examine how dietary intake, physical activity, and caregiver perceptions impact child weight status. I worked with the Xiangya School of Public Health to carry out a cross-sectional study in three local kindergartens. At each school we took physical measurements, monitored food consumption, and administered questionnaires. My goal was to understand the cultural, behavioral, and socioeconomic factors underlying China’s growing obesity problem.

Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry